By Bishop Deville .

we all know yella wolf ,twista ,bone thugs ,tech n9ne,as being the contenders for the machine gun rapper  or staccato rap .What are they really saying?i am, as are you all ,a rap lover and who do turn to when i  i thirst for some of that fast spit .surprisingly enough from the bay to l.a there is a hidden gem of an mc his name wait a sec first of all let me clarify .one …i do know him personally though not the motivation for this article …two …i gives a fuck this is my .com so if you dont like what your reading  produce a rapper with equal or potentially equal that i got that out of the way his name is “Bandit” a member of the group ThaAffiliation. his style is simply said fffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssstttttttt…lyrical content   i give him a 10 out of 10 hes a street mc with rhymes to match….also i propose we settle the controversy and hold a fastest rapper competition …


pictured in order left to right (chente corleone,bishop deville,bandit,phat joe)

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