Ray J Calls Out Kanye West In ‘I Hit It First’


Ray J I Hit It First Teaser



Did you really think you had heard the last of Ray J? On April 25 he released a teaser for the video of ‘I Hit It First,’ and not only does it feature a Kim Kardashian lookalike, it also has an overt reference to Kanye West! Keep reading to watch the teaser video.


Ray J is at it again! The teaser for his video for “I Hit It First” (which is totally NOT about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) dropped on April 25, and it only reinforced that the song is DEFINITELY about Kim and Kanye.




Ray J Disses Kanye West In ‘I Hit It First’ Video


The teaser, which is a short but sweet 11 seconds long, shows Ray J in the midst of a classic hip-hop video — sexy women and flashy cars and all that. But what really stands out about the clip is that right as Ray raps the line, “Now the b***h chose to go West,” the video flashes a shot of a Chicago highway sign that says “West.” For those who don’t know, Kanye is from Chicago, so this is a definite shot at him.


To throw more salt in the wound, the girl that Ray J rolls around in a bed with bears a striking resemblance to Kim.


Ray J On ‘I Hit It First’: It’s Just A Song


But of course, “I Hit It First” is not about Kimye (yes, we’re rolling our eyes too). On April 8, Ray told New York City’s Hot 97.1 that he wasn’t “trying to create a war” with his new song.


“It’s just a record,” Ray J said. “It’s not about that. It’s about the concept, you know what I’m saying… I think people are digging into it way too deep.”


To be fair, Ray J, we’re digging into it because you’re making us — casting a Kim lookalike and showing a Chicago road sign is just adding fuel to the fire. And we’ve only seen 11 seconds of the video — imagine what the whole thing is going to be like!


Watch the teaser below and tell us what you think, HollywoodLifers!


WATCH: Ray J – “I Hit It First” Teaser

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