Sensual Rain

Calming, peaceful, sensual Rain

Each droplet falling from the sky,
Journeys downward,
hear my sigh.

Showering my body,
Showering my soul,
amazing feeling I behold.

I close my eyes
feeling each and every drop,
please God don’t let it stop.

To retreat from it’s splendor,
such a waste,
upon my tongue a drop i taste.

Sweet and Refreshing to my soul,
A moment in time,
Bishop deville will behold.

Envisioning your pussy
within each drip,
Caressing your tits,
Placing moisture upon my lip.

The droplets
when they linger,
in my mouth ,
Fills me with assurance,
That you are mine no doubt.

Sensuous sexual Journey
from the heavens above,
Falling upon me,
Showering me with love.

As the journey ends
beneath my body,
lying in a puddle
of love so sweet.

Grinding upon you,
my passion does grow,
Wondering, what of you
there is to know.

Rain don’t stop
falling down upon me,
For there is so much
beauty to see.

Filling my soul
with undying need,
to be watered by you,
like natures seed.

Fulfill my need
Quench my thirst,
fill my soul.

Calming, peaceful, sensual Rain.

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