Rapper James “Jimme Wallstreet” Davis Killed in Philadelphia



Emerging rapper gunned down after posting RIP message for Lil Snupe.

Posted: 06/21/2013 11:55 AM EDT




Jimme Wallstreet



Hours after Meek Mill protégé Lil Supe was gunned down, one of his peers met the same fate. Rising rapper James “Jimme Wallstreet” Davis was shot and killed in his hometown of Philadelphia Thursday (June 20).

Authorities have not released many details behind the incident, but Davis affiliate DJ Don Cannon confirmed the death via Twitter. “They Killed My Man…..S— Gotta Stop Now!! S— Ain’t Cool! Destroyed A True Talent.”

Davis was signed to a production deal with Cannon, and working on releasing a new album. His last project was the mixtape Twin Towers,  a collaboration with New Jersey rapper Big Ooh.

Leading up to his untimely passing, Davis posted an RIP message on Instagram alongside a photo of Lil Snupe. Meek shed light on the tragic irony of the day tweeting, “#ripwallstreet today was just a bad day!”

Snupe’s death is being investigated as a homicide, and may have been a result of his street life, so says Meek. “The streets killed my Lil n—- Snupe…I always told him don’t try 2 keep it real wit the streets…. Bcuz they won’t keep it real wit you,” he tweeted.

As for Davis, he hailed from the city’s Germantown area and began his career under 50 Cent. Last week, Davis and Big Ooh performed at a Philly rally to end gun violence.

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