Mz. Nique a positive vibe for hip hop fans of all ages

 Mz. Nique Rajanique Alanae Thomas a.k.aImageImageImagewas born in Los Angeles CA on February 17, 2006 to Rodrique Alan Thomas a.k.a Rolow and Lakeisha James a.k.a Killa Jane, both whom are underground local rap artist from Uncut Records. Mz. Nique first hit the studio when she was 3 months old. Her mom worked so she hung out with her dad who was an artist that attended the studio on a daily basis. By the time Mz. Nique was 6 months old she grew a liking to music always clapping, smiling, and trying to dance when you played music for her. By the time she was able to talk she was singing every song she heard. Now attending the studio with her dad on a regular basis Mz. Nique always had to be accompanied with a pen and a pad, stating she was going to be a rapper, and asking when she will be able to get in the booth. When she turned 3 years old she was on Cali Miccheck hosted by Erose. By age 4 she was opening up for acts such as Berner from the Bay Area, and Marvelous out of Sacramento. Now just turning 7 she has finshed her debut album Beads n Barretts due to be released in mid 2013, why also keeping up her academics.

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