night spent at a Brazilian brothel,throwing a fit on stage ,had a bottle was thrown at him – Justin Bieber’s vacation in brazil

Well this is just awkward on so many levels.

After an alleged night spent at a Brazilian brothel before throwing a strop on stage when a bottle was thrown at him – Justin Bieber‘s time in Brazil has made just a handful of headlines.

And today he’s facing even more weird reports after footage of a mystery girl filming him asleep in a hotel room has emerged.

Justin Bieber’s time in Brazil caused a flurry of dodgy headlines.
Tati Neves, who allegedly took the video of Justin Bieber, loves a good selfie by the looks of her Twitter pictures. …

The video shows Biebs sleeping soundly on a sofa, cap in hand (obvs), while she creeps out of the room and blows him a kiss.
The girl – who is thought to be model Tati Neves – apparently then uploaded the footage to Twitter, where it has, naturally, caused chaos among Beliebers.
Tati is thought to have been part of a group of ‘Brazilian beauties’ who claim to have gone back to Justin’s hired mansion to party with the 19-year-old.
The girls claimed that their phones were taken away before they entered the house and say that they were forced to sign a confidentiality contract before heading back with Biebs.
One girl claimed: “I tried to take a picture of the contract but they whipped the phone out of my hand before I could do so.”

The girls were forced to sign confidentiality clauses before heading home with Justin Bieber. Copyright TwittTati Neves is just one of the girls who claims to have partied with Justin Bieber in Brazil. Copyright [Twitte …

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