Hopsin Says Trinidad James Is “The Most Garbage” Rapper Ever



Hopsin says “Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth.”

Hopsin, who is readying the November 26 release of his upcoming album Knock Madness, recently spoke about Trinidad James’ comments regarding New York Rap during an interview with xxlmag.com. The Funk Volume emcee and co-founder also spoke about Trinidad James’ status in Rap and his skill level as he sees it.

“Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth,” Hopsin said in an interview with xxlmag.com. “His opinion is like a newborn baby saying it’s the king of the world as far as fighting and it would whoop Bruce Lee’s ass. Like, c’mon now. What do you know about anything?”

This was regarding James’ quote that the South runs New York musically, a comment he made earlier this week. 

Hopsin, who hails from Panorama City, California, also addressed Atlanta, Georgia’s status in Hip Hop during the interview. 

“Atlanta might be making moves and all that,” Hop said. “There may be rappers who come out of there, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that they are dope. If you break down the real formula, a lot of the dudes coming out there ain’t even really dope. They just got beats that bang. It’s the same shit that’s repetitive. That’s what the industry likes and that’s what being signed. It doesn’t mean its fucking dope. Go bar and bar. Put somebody a capella. Play one of their a capellas. Look at their lyrics. It ain’t changing nobody’s life. They ain’t doing nothing. They are not impressing anybody. It’s just the beats.” 

Hopsin further clarified his stance regarding Trinidad James in the interview, noting his opinion of James’ emcee skills. 

“I heard people say that he even knows he’s wack,” Hopsin said. “If he knows he’s wack, why would you take his opinion seriously? It’s a joke if he knows he’s that wack and he’s not trying to get better and just runs with [it]. If he’s satisfied with being wack, [then] his opinion isn’t that valid. He ain’t ripping shit and saying that. If he was killing the game, and if he was dope all around, I’d be like, ‘OK, maybe he’s right.’ He has not one bar that is even impressive at all. Catchiness and dope are two different things. I could say, ‘Pooping in the studio! Pooping in the studio!’ That could be catchy and somewhat dope, but that doesn’t mean it’s dope. That’s why I hate wack rappers so much.” 

Hopsin has been critical of other rappers this year. This was particularly highlighted in the release of “Hop Is Back,” a selection that included disses towards Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. During an October interview with HipHopDX, Hopsin clarified his stance on West. 

“I’m a Kanye West fan,” Hop said. “I like Kanye West. I like a lot of his old stuff so, you know, it’s not [like I’m not a fan]. But he’s on some bullshit now. He’s on some straight up [bullshit]. I’m not the only one that thinks this but it’s not even about what other people think. I just know what the fuck I think. Yeah, he’s on some bullshit.”

During the interview, published soon after the release of “Hop Is Back,” the FV rapper also clarified his stance regarding Kendrick Lamar and his “Control” verse.

“I’m glad Kendrick did that,” Hopsin said of the “Control” verse. “I hope it made other rappers [feel] like, ‘Oh shit, we gotta step our game up.’ That’s good. I’m glad that he fucking did that. That’s a great move. I don’t hate Kendrick Lamar. I’ve got nothing against him. I listen to his stuff from time to time. He’s not a guy that I’m trying to go to war with. I’m not saying that I’m fearing it like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to war.’ He’s a West Coast artist. He’s doing his shit. I’m not hating on him. But, it’s the Rap game. He knows it and says the same. It’s the Rap game. Rappers are gonna be fucking rappers.” 

Hopsin was also recently critical of Lord Jamar’s comments regarding White people and homosexuality within Hip Hop

“Some stupid rapper dude was on and I saw an interview,” Hopsin said during an interview with Hard Knock TV. I don’t know how I came across it, but he was talking about like Macklemore and pushing the [gauge] and being white and telling white people to stay in their lane. And, you know, I’m just about humans being equal. Everybody is equal. That shouldn’t even be brought up. That’s racist. Like that’s so foul. That’s equivalent to a white guy going, ‘Why are you in this fucking bathroom? You’re fucking black. Don’t ever [over]step your boundaries.’ When you hear somebody talk like that it gives you chills. Like, ‘Woah, is this mothafucka serious right now?’ It’s 2013 and somebody’s really talking like this right now…Whoever that dude was, whatever the fuck he was talking, anybody can do whatever the fuck they want to do. If Macklemore wants to push for gay rights, why can’t he?”

Hopsin is prepping the unveiling of his upcoming Knock Madness album, set to be released via Funk Volume this month.

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