Trinidad James $20,000 NYC robbery rumors: Rapper slams rumors and denies robbery

Trinidad James Denies NYC Robbery
(Photo : Facebook/Trinidad James )

Rapper Trinidad James is denying rumors that he was robbed and stripped of his jewelry, gold teeth, and clothing in New York City. The rapper tweeted, “Of course Y’all gone keep making s-t up. Y’all n*ggas can’t make no money. Sh*t y’all n*ggas can’t even make a difference. So I get it now. Focus on your Goals and the people who wanna see you win. F**ck everybody who don’t believe in you.”Rapper Trinidad James allegedly was robbed in New York City for his “Atlanta runs Ne York” comments. According to Creambmp, a vendor witnessed the rapper horrible experience and claims the rapper’s “chains, watch, shades; Gone!’ The source added, “There was nothing left but hair, teeth and the phone he dialed 911 on”.The site claims the rapper was also stripped of his clothes, and the robbers sped off in their vehicle with over $20,000 in clothes and jewelry. “I remember when New York rap was the s***…Now, we run y’all…Every n**** that’s really poppin’ out of New York, he might as well tell you he’s from Atlanta.”The rapper was attacked on social media whicha e said was taken ut of cotext in an interview with XXL magazine:”In general, I have no beef with New York. I would never disrespect New York. New York is the place that showed me the most love more than any other state when I first started doing music. I did the biggest show of my life in Atlanta, then right after that I did the biggest show of my life in New York…I would be a f–k nigga to disrespect New York. I get what everyone is talking about now. I looked at people’s comments, and of course some people were saying the normal bulls–t about Trinidad James: He’s ugly and he’s a one-hit wonder. People tend to forget the one main thing about any artist – [and it goes for] an artist with one hit or an artist with 30 hits – is that we’re all human. When I say that, I’m not retracting any statement or copying a plea or asking forgiveness. The same thing that I said in front of every New Yorker that was in front of me is the same conversation that is happening in barbershops and the same conversation that other artists are talking about. It’s just it sucks to come from a nigga like myself. If it was anybody else saying those things, it would be A-OK. But because it’s me saying it, that’s where the whole problem resides in. At the end of the day, I get it for what it is. But I can’t apologize for the truth.”

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