Rapper Ja Rule wanted to set the record “straight’ no pun intended


ImageJa Rule, Aisha Atkins, Twitter Twiiter


This is one way to spread some holiday cheer.

Rapper Ja Rule and his wife Aisha Atkins wanted to set the record straight (and get a little festive) after some media reports claiming the pair had split hit the Internet. Not only that, the stories also stated Ja Rule left his lady to be with his prison cell mate.

Regardless, the musician made it very clear that the rumors weren’t true, by writing, “Sorry to disappoint all the haters who want the rumors to be true so bad lol.Merry Xmas stupid love Mick&Mal.Lmao,” with a photo of the duo (with Ja wearing a Santa hat) kissing and flipping the bird to the camera.

No mistletoe needed.



After spending nearly 23 months in two separate prisons for tax evasion and criminal possession of a weapon, the rapper was released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Ray Brook, N.Y., in early May.

However, his official release date remained July 28 and the celeb served the rest of his sentence under home confinement, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Ja Rule was sentenced to 28 months for tax evasion but was able to serve that sentence concurrently with his 24 months on the weapon conviction. He was released four months’ early from Mid-State Correctional Facility in Marcy, N.Y., on the weapons rap, after which he was transferred to the federal facility in Ray Brook.

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