I am thoroughly passionate about spreading love, beauty and inspiration through the work that I do. Recently, I performed at a Rock It Out For Planet Earth event in San Fransisco and sang an original song that I wrote in honor of our planet.My experience as a host started in 2006 when I began hosting bellydance Haflas and talent showcases. I’ve hosted shows for Circus Tribal Bellydance, in Ashland Oregon, where I was the host and entertainment throwing in some humor as well as song. Another show I hosted in Ashland was a Talent Show benefiting the High School’s Choir on a trip to Carnegie Hall. I flew to St. Petersburg, FL and was the musical inspiration for a weekend retreat for women with cancer.I love the camera and I love being a part of projects that are for the greater good and can be an inspiration. I just love art. Alternative, unique expression is something I truly admire and love being a part of. I’m loving to meet people who are passionate about photography, music, dance and theater, and hope to collaborate in a creative, fun way!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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