Rihanna dating a rapper,linked to her friend and sometime collaborator, A$AP Rocky

For some reason, the rumor mill loves the idea of Rihanna dating a rapper, and for at least the third time this year, she’s being linked to her friend and sometime collaborator, A$AP Rocky. The latest comes from the New York Post, which spotted the chanteuse on what is described as a “low-key date” with Rocky at Manhattan’s Soho House on Monday. A few blurry photos show Rocky’s arm casually slung around RiRi’s shoulders, which were covered in a bulky, hot-pink furry jacket (see eye-searing ensemble pic below).

“They were playing pool and hanging by the stairwell,” relays a spy. “They weren’t kissing or anything, but they were looking very friendly.”

Considering A$AP happily grabbed a generous handful of Rihanna’s butt when they performed together at the MTV Video Awards in September 2012, and they cozied up on camera in his “Fashion Killa” video, the “friendly” part isn’t much of a stretch.

The pair, who toured together earlier this year, have denied romance rumors that surfaced in the spring and fall. Rocky has been keeping company with model Chanel Iman, and she reportedly got between him and a security guard as they scuffled at the MTV Video Awards in August. Less than a month later, he was accused of slapping a woman in Philadelphia.

When contacted for comment on the hookup speculation, Rihanna’s rep told the Post, “‘Cause they were playing pool? Hmm.”

A$AP Rocky brushed off the RiRi romance talk in April, saying, “I’m just cool with her. I don’t even look at her like that. She’s sexy, but I’m good.”

Rihanna, whose dangerously dysfunctional relationship with Chris Brown fizzled this year, was most recently linked to rapper Drake.

She’s currently making New York her home base and has moved into a $39,000-a-month, four-bedroom penthouse. According to the Post, ******SOURCE WONDERWALL:******Image

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