Bishop Deville’s review on Justin Bieber Sage the Gemini ft Iamsu “GAS PEDAL” REMIX

Well as a journalist and rapper i never saw this one coming.Obviously following the trend that Loverance started  of west and east coast remix’s Sage The Gemini stands to gain a whole lot of “beliebers”good job there.Justin beiber scares me with his comment recently about retiring music, hopefully not top pursue rap .But in a world where we rap about what we live i hope Iamsu isn’t  seriously considering anyone pay him “20K FOR FOR A FEATURE”we will have yet to see if his verse isn’t as inflated as his ego.Moving right along Sage The Gemini’s single ‘Gas Pedal’ has been buzzing for quite some time now. For the official remix, he manages to get a contribution from Justin Bieber as well as a new verse from Iamsu. It is available for purchase on iTunes.


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