Chief Keef may have some backlash from cancer patients

MStars is learning that rapper Chief Keef may have some backlash from cancer patients, after he decided to be a “no show” at a Cleveland charity concert.


According to TMZ, the rapper bailed out of a performance hours before he was supposed to go on stage, and is now facing a lawsuit. 


Kim Productions has filed court documents claiming that they paid the rapper a $15K deposit to perform at the RapCure cancer benefit last summer, and that a balance of $10K was supposed to be paid at the event. 


The production company also claims that one day before the event, Keef asked for a $2,500 advance to cover travel expenses. Kim Productions agreed and wired the funds, as Keef’s agent told the company that the rapper was on his way. 


In the lawsuit, it reveals that the rapper failed to show up on time, which resulted in a cancelled show. Fans and benefit givers did get their money back, which caused the charity to go down hill. 


According to the gossip site, the company is suing for $26K asking to receive all the money back that they paid Keef, the refund of tickets, plus the amount spent on the rented venue. 

The lawsuit also includes a bill for $88 in chicken wings, ordered from someone on Keef’s tour bus.

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