exclusive unsolicited mixtape review of kooleidescope

heavy infusion of jazz beats ,hi hats and super sick flows..im pleased to pay it forward with this no holding back review cause i don’t even like to do reviews but Ronnie deserves it .you wouldn’t think college student when you hear the beat riding kooleidescope employs with her staccato rap style …as i sit here and do what i always say ill do and actually be enjoying it is an honor in itself .that paired with my ohhhhsssss   and   geahsssssssss and my girl telling me to shoosh …all while sipping on a cold bud light .paradise is my favorite track dug up some emotions wow who ever made kooleidescope go there “fuck that person” but definitely hats off to the way she channels the pain i could have used that advice years ago ….(in a good way )from start to finish there is something for every one the lyricist ,the critic,the newbie ,the groupie the fan ,ronnie taylor great job kooleidescoping this mix tape …adding genesis and paradise and team no sleep to my playlist …so all in all if you like raw no gimmick hip hop cypher with that physco social stigmata aspect rock this mixtape folks https://www.facebook.com/kooleidoscopemusic …as real as she spits




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