RHOA Apollo Nida ‘Respects’ Rapper T.I. And Mike Vick: Phaedra Parks’ Husband Says Stars Never ‘Cooperated For The FED’s’


RHOA Apollo Nida 'Respects' Rapper T.I. And Mike Vick In Apology Tweet

(Photo : facebook)
RHOA Apollo Nida 'Respects' Rapper T.I. And Mike Vick In Apology Tweet


The fitness instructor tweeted May 8th, “@Tip I respect both Them guys and looked up to them ever since they started her career no Homo​,” adding, “@Tip For the record I never said TI nor Mick Vick cooperated for the FED’s in there plea agreement. This was all taken out of context​.”

Recently rapper T.I. touched base about his brief encounter with Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Apollo Nida about his Twitter comments about the “King of the South” allegedly snitching during his legal issues.

The “Bring ‘Em Out” rapper confronted Apollo for calling him an “informant” when tweeted to fans that he got the same deal as the celebrity writing:

“Ur dumb as f- its standard language in a federal plea agreement Michael Vicks TI’s plea It’s the same language different charge.

In an interview with “The Big Tigger Show” on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, T.I. said he later approached Apollo about the “snitch” tweet and asked him to clarify it for fans, “I don’t have no slandering. If you’re going to tell the truth on me that’s fine,” T.I. added, “Anybody got something to say about me, make sure it’s the truth. If it ain’t the truth, just be ready to see me.”

The rapper continued to tell the host that all the documents are public record and curious people can go and read up on his plea agreements and find the truth.

“The wonderful thing about the federal government and the United States is that all agreements, plea agreements are public record so you can pull Clifford Joseph Harris,” T.I. said. “It’s all out there, man, so you can pull my agreement up.”

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