Lies: Mos Def Is Not Banned From The United States

The Urban Daily

Mos Def Getty

Somewhere..somehow…some way… a story was thought up to explain the reason that Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey was cancelling some US tour dates. Those responsible apparently never bothered to research whether or not their story was even plausible. But they really should have…cause it ain’t!

It is being reported far and wide that Yasiin Bey has been banned by the United States Government from reentering the United States Of America because of a protest piece that he did regarding the force feeding of inmates at Guantanamo Bay. Social media went crazy over the report and conspiracy theories have been developing by the moment.

The problem with all of this is…it simply isn’t true! According to The Guardian, the rapper  has cancelled an upcoming tour of the United States, with promoters citing “legal” issues.

However, The Together Music Festivalin Boston wrote on its website:

“We regret to inform you that due…

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