Floyd Mayweather, rapper T.I. get into brawl outside of Vegas restaurant

Everyone is wondering who  will be the first boxer to knockout Floyd Mayweather, and as his list of viable opponents shrinks, the number of people that think they can be the ones who actually knocks out boxing’s king is seemingly growing. Thinking you can knock out Mayweather and being a real threat to do so is two different things and rapper T.I. does not fall under the latter category even if he’s thrust himself into the previous.According to TMZ, T.I. reportedly threw a punch at Mayweather while the boxer was eating outside a Las Vegas restaurant and a brawl ensued between the groups following the two men. Things got so out of control that the Vegas police showed up and one man was refused treatment for injuries he suffered as to not have to talk to investigating officers.

According to several witnesses … Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.
It’s unclear what caused the beef, but we’re told T.I. swung at Floyd … their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them … and then the all out melee began.
Las Vegas PD arrived just as Floyd was leaving and we’re told T.I. was already gone.

 We’ve heard of boxers getting into fights outside of the ring, but this feud between T.I. and Mayweather is a new one. It’s really not a fight that the lanky T.I. should be picking, as Mayweather is the best fighter in the world and a man that no one has been able to knock out in his professional career.

No one is talking about the fight, which is to be expected, but this whole situation is one that as it develops could get even weirder and more random than it already is.

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