Wiz Khalifs arrested for marijuana possession: Rapper shares his experience with a ‘jail selfie’


The rapper was detained for travelling with marijuana

He was jailed for a few hours, consequently delaying the release of his mixtape, 28 Grams. He was charged with misdemeanour possession of 0.5 grams of pot, according to a statement, and released on a bond of $300 (£178).

Khalifa – who was in El Paso to perform at Neon Desert music festival this weekend – was initially stopped because Transportation Security Administration discovered that he was travelling without identification.

“[This] led to him being sent for secondary screening,” officials explained.

“During that screening, the TSA officer located a metal container inside of the backpack which contained a prohibited item.” Wiz Khalifa’s booking photo for El Paso Police Department

While he was detained, the rapper whiled away the time by tweeting about his experience – in which he managed to see the lighter side of the situation and even sharing a selfie in what appears to be a cell, launching the hashtag #FreeTrapWiz.

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