Mistah F.A.B slaps the shit outta some D.j. mustard ….REAL OR HOAX ?YOU BE THE JUDGE


Depending on who you ask, DJ Mustard and YG either did or didn’t have a very eventful night in the Bay Area Sunday night.

Rumors began to swirl late last night on Twitter and beyond that Mustard had an altercation at a club called Mezzanine in San Francisco, and somewhere in Oakland YG was robbed.

The duo was in the area to perform at KMEL’s Summer Jam at the Oracle in Oakland earlier in the evening, and from there things get a little fuzzy.


Supposedly, Bay Area artist Mistah F.A.B. confronted Mustard while he was at the DJ booth in the club, and while Mustard and YG initially denied anything happened on Instagram (despite a random, late night tweet from YG that added fuel to the fire), video has since surfaced of the altercation. It’s hard to tell who’s who but…

The beef stems from Fab saying Mustard “stole” the Bay sound, and Mustard later telling The Breakfast Club that he had no idea who Fab was (despite having previously telling Complex that did listen to “Mr. Fab”).

Fab has admitted that there was “tension” between the two crews but there was no physical altercation and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was definitely not involved.

But something did happen, judging from the video. F.A.B. did have on a similar shirt on Sunday, if we’re going by this picture. And Mustard addressed the incident with the crowd afterwards. Whether or not Mustard’s chain was snatched is hard to tell, but if it gets Young Berg’ed around the Bay, I don’t think anybody will be surprised.

As for YG, that is even more sketchier, and unless video or a picture of his I.D pops up on the Innanet somewhere, we probably will never know.

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