ATLEAST SHE AINT LYING Rapper Azealia Banks Calls T.I.’s Wife Unattractive In One Shady Way

You Ain’t Slick: Rapper Azealia Banks Calls T.I.’s Wife Unattractive In One Shady Way




…beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Rapper Azaelia Banks isn’t known for her hits but more so for her beefs with others which can deviate interest in her craft as a musician. So what happens when she throws a little shade at T.I.’s wife?

T.I. released a song called “No Mediocre” that explored the typical lands of effin bad bishes and some thought he was taking subliminal jabs at his wife Tiny. Now Azaelia Banks has feuded with T.I. before via social networking regarding his protege Iggy Azalea so it’s no surprise she took yet another shot at the rapper.


Check out her Tweet below and Tiny’s response:


(Photo : Twitter)

Azealia Banks




(Photo : Instagram)

Rihanna MeMe

(Photo : Instagram)

Tiny Response

Azealia had the tweet deleted but not before Tiny had a chance to respond. It’s challenging to see if Azaealia’s intentions were directly for T.I. with Tiny being the used at the cushion or if it was directly for Tiny.

Either way, Azealia’s disrespect is not only evident but completely redundant. There’s an adage with biblical connotation’s to it that we all know as “try not to throw stones when living in glass houses.” We may not be exempt from being talked about but that doesn’t mean we need to join in also.

What do you think Azealia’s comment?

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