Joe Budden Loses “Total Slaughter” Battle Against Hollow Da Don

Joe Budden Loses "Total Slaughter" Battle Against Hollow Da Don [Update: Watch The Battle]

Hollow Da Don came out on top in his headlining battle against Joe Budden.

Tonight, the very first edition of Eminem‘s Pay Per View rap battle series “Total Slaughter” took place, and while plenty of matches went down, everyone was waiting on the showdown between Hollow Da Don, and Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden.

The promotion for the faceoff went on all day, with Hollow at one point bringing up a conspiracy that the judges were “rigging” the score in Budden’s favor. It seems his predictions were off, as the heated battle ended with Budden becoming overwhelmed with booing from the crowd, eventually dropping his mic and refusing to rap.

It may have cost him the title in the end, as judges named Hollow the first champion of “Total Slaughter” in a unanimous decision. No word on when we’ll see the next installment in the battle series, or who will compete, but if tonight’s event is any indication, you can expect the unexpected.

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