We are trying to help out hungry individuals and families in our community by collecting food @ this event. …. The entry fee is $ 10 without a donation $ 5 with donation. .. you can donate as much as you want.. The more donations we receive the better.. Really solid acts are Booked for this event such as RAY YUNG. Firing Squad. Krown Vic. Infamous. J of PNP. ASHE. Bonedad. Izzy Drastik. Meloman. T genuis. Bishop Deville. Sinbad. Henece. Dj Remrox. Jedi. Tom genius. Blockstyle. And more.. Plus judged beat battles. ..

FIRING SQUAD PRESENTS 1st Annual HUNGER VS HIP HOP SHOW. .. AUGUST 15th… Lamplighter inn… Visalia… Live … Ray Yung.. Firing Squad. .GRINR HOSTING.
Got some producers going head to head RemRox V TomGenius… Sinbad V Kanadizz…. 1 more. all the artists on this line up go in hard on their performances.. gonna be a Great Show For good Cause… Come out and support or just come out to donate Some food.. Like and Share this… Lets see how many families and friends we can help out with this show… i got answers to all ur questions if you got them… TAG YOURSELF.. LIKE AND SHARE.. GO!!!

friday august 15th lamp liter inn visalia

friday august 15th lamp liter inn visalia


THIS IS BIGGER THAN MUSIC!!! It’s about helping those who are HUNGRY and in need, while having a good time.. This Hip Hip food drive/concert/ club night goes down Aug 15th at the Lamp liter Inn in Visalia. I can’t stress how much I wanna see everybody at this show, a lot of towns and cities don’t do positive events like these but I want us to be one of the towns that do, and in a big way. There will be dancing, a Dj and a Full Bar for the 21 up. Entry to get in this show is ONLY $5 with a canned good or more, and $10 without a donation. So Who wants to be apart of this cause while having a good time???


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