Shocking video shows rapper shoot and pistol-whip his ‘best friend’

 during music video in fight over who is the ‘star’ – before FIVE people walk over the victim’s twitching body

  • Unidentified victim, 37, shot inside convenience store in the Bronx in New York City on Saturday
  • The suspect has not been arrested and the victim is in critical condition
  • Owner of the store said the men were filming low-budget rap video

The shooting suspect, wearing a red polo shirt with jeans and baseball cap, doesn’t even put the drink he is holding in his right hand down while he fires at least three times at the victim, who falls to the floor.

Not content with unleashing a barrage of bullets against the unidentified victim, the suspect who also has braided hair, is seen to viciously pistol-whip his ‘friend’ while he lies on the floor.

Then, in a heartless twist, five other men who were in the store at the time are seen to walk over the victim without offering to help or provide assistance.



Paramedics arrived shortly after the store was vacated by the six men and the victim was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where he remained in a critical condition on Monday.

The argument reportedly began during the filming of a rap video in the Bronx at E.170th St. on Saturday morning.

Police have yet to announce what the argument was over and if any of the people who ignored the plight of the victim were connected with the suspect.


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