Chris Brown Posts Shocking “I EAT ASS”

Chris BrownChris Brown’s Instagram may have been a little risqué in the past, but a picture posted to his account on Friday has certainly pushed it into NSFW territory.

The 25-year-old singer posted a photo of himself licking a woman’s rear-end, or as he described it, “Eat[ing] da booty,” E! News reports.

The rather raunchy snap is actually a screenshot from his 2010 music video “No Bulls—.” Brown hashtagged the shot with “#IDGT #lol” and according to Kollege Kidd, the “#IDGT” hashtag is Kevin Gates’ choice expression, “I don’t get tired.”

Is the Breezy rapper trying to poke fun at the Louisiana rapper? 

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Whoolywood Shuffle, Gates revealed that he likes to “eat da booty” of a lady when being intimate. “I don’t talk about that to be nasty, to be explicit. It’s art.”

Word quickly spread of Gate’s affinity for the activity, of which reached the ears of the R&B star. When he got wind of the interview, Breezy allegedly mocked Gates in a now-deleted Instagram video in which she shows off his best impersonation of Gates’ comments.

Despite the “She Ain’t You” singer’s attempts to poke fun of the rapper, it’s unlikely that he’ll take offense to his jokes, revealing last month that, ” I was being intelligent in the interview, and I was saying that if I love a woman, I’m supposed to lick her toes, eat her p—-, eat her booty. And the only thing that he took from that intelligent conversation that we had was, ‘Kevin Gates eat booty!'”

“So I got on Instagram,” he continued, “and I was just scrolling through my comments and I was like, ‘Yeah, I eat booty!'”

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