let it go by glasses malone

The Ray Rice situation has been hot-button news for days now, and most people know they will face a mountain of scrutiny if they defend the suspended NFL player.

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But Los Angeles rapper Glasses Malone went right on ahead and did it anyway in an interview with XXL.

“If you hit someone, be prepared to get hit back,” he says. “Women are fighting for rights to be equal. They think they are men. Now, I’m looking at Ray Rice and his wife and they look like they are intoxicated. She actually slaps him. They got in the elevator and she got in his face. Whatever they’re doing, that’s their couple thing. She hit him and he backed up. She rushed into him and he threw a check and then hit her. My point is, I get it, in your mind. Women are saying, ‘oh you’re stronger than us.’ Then stop saying we’re equal.”

That was only a small sample of Malone’s lengthy statement, in which he tries to make his point that people upset over Rice punching out his fiancé in an elevator are actually hurting the push for equality.

“The oxymoron is for a feminist group, a group that’s pushing equality to complain about this situation,” he says. “This is how men deal with physical disagreements. If you assault, us we respond physically. [Look at] Solange in the elevator with Jay Z. Say she fuckin’ drops Jay Z. She hits him and he falls. Now people looking at Jay Z saying you let Solange knock you out. Do you buy his records? Do you respect a man that allows a woman to knock him out? No you don’t.

Then, Glasses tells us how he really feels.

“I believe a man should provide and protect for his family, and a woman should nurture and love hers,” he says. “We have different roles, but we are not equal. My role and responsibility should be greater because God designed it to be greater.”

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