Rapper “Stitches a bitch” Offers “flour”Coke to Audience, Abruptly Ends Show

Rapper Stitches Offers Coke to Audience, Abruptly Ends Show [VIDEO]


Rappers are notorious for their onstage antics. From fights with fans to calling out handicapped concertgoers, there’s always something to remember when watching a hip-hop show. But how about offering coke to those in the audience? That’s what one rapper did in Lake Worth, Texas.

Stitches, a Miami rapper who’s known for hooks like “I love selling blow,” did just that on Sept. 5 when he started offering female fans coke during his show at Propaganda in Lake Worth. After getting four women onstage, the 19-year-old rhymer told someone from his entourage to pass out the blow the ladies; they’re then filmed snorting the drug. As this happens, his wife, Erica Duarte, goes ballistic, which causes him to tell his crew that the show is over and he proceeds to get off the stage.

As the video below shows, he chases after his wife to make sure things are OK.

The 28-minute clip also shows Stitches performing a few songs with a hardcore band called Old Habits and rock-rap group called Web Three — one track included a line about selling coke to a pregnant woman.

Following his exit from the venue, the video focuses on a couple of fans who reveal their anger towards the rapper for abandoning them. Since Stiches left when he did, he ditched a meet-and-greet with fans that was scheduled for after the show. According to venue owner Matthew Krug, the rapper owes ticket holders $500 for bailing.

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