Best Vaporizers: Rapper E-40 is The Ambassador on Vaped’s special edition v3 [Review]



Sprinkle some 40-water on your vape steez

Time to sprinkle some 40-water on the vaping craze.

Iconic Bay Area rapper E-40 is lending his likeness to a special edition of Vaped’s new micro V3 dubbed The Ambassador. Earl Stevens is the legendary Vallejo rapper who helped found The Click and founded Sick Wid It Records. With 20 studio albums, a wine brand, fast food outlets, a book deal, and appearances on hits like Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers”, The Ambassador embodies Bay Area hustle.

E-40’s special edition of the new, micro v3 kit comes dripping with red and gold and accents, from the kit’s carrying case to the myriad accessories. This is a battery-powered vape pen compatible with oils, waxes and bubble hash. The heating element is grade-two titanium coiled around a wickless, ceramic rod in the skillet. The Ambassador comes with the regular skillet as well as Vaped’s pioneering globe attachment and a new glass Vaped chamber.

The Ambassador
Price: $99.99
Compatible with: waxes, oils
Special feature: E-40 styling
Target demographic: Bay Area boosters

Baller: Red and gold accents with E-40’s face on the base? Fresh.

Powerful: the V3 has a powerful, quick-charging battery that lasts for about 100, 10-second hits. The titanium and ceramic skillet vapes waxes hella quick.

Affordable: $99.99 is a great price for a top-shelf, quality vape pen. Ample accessories include glass globe, vaped chamber, vaped stand, dab tool, mini USB charger, wall charger, carrying case.

Wick-free: The wickless skillet is easier to clean and lasts longer. Replacement skillets are easier to color-match to The Ambassador.

Conspicuous: Not for people going for the low-profile effect.

Extracts-only: The Yay Area be drippin’ in wax, but for those folks back East stuck on flowers, you gonna run dry.

Skillet lifespan: one-year warranty on battery and charge, but a skillet will wear out after a month of heavy use. Replacements are $14.99.



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