Joe Budden Unleashes Hell On Drake Diss Track, ‘Making A Murderer (Part One)

Welp! It’s officially a hot summer now that Joe Budden has released his scathing Drake diss record, “Making a Murderer (Part One).” Last week, Joey did a bit of Periscoping and previewed lines from another record including the lyrics, “My words ain’t ghostwritten I ain’t Drake / That’s all gimmick I’m authentic I ain’t Drake / Ain’t nothing wrong with it, only saying I ain’t fake.” But this appears to be totally different. He raps in the first verse:

But now my phone blowin’ up, they’re like what I’m gonna do?
Show the world you shouldn’t poke a man with nothin’ to lose
All of this just because I wasn’t in love with his Views
Whatever happened, I just know they got me fuckin’ confused

“Making a Murderer (Part One)” is a response to a possible, yet-to-be released Drake swipe against the Jersey rapper. Last month, French Montana teased a new song where Papi referenced Budden’s 2003 hit single, “Pump It Up.” The reference was made right after Budden called Drake’s Views an uninspired effort on an episode of I’ll Name This Podcast Later.

Then Drake put out “4 PM In Calabasas” which Joey felt had a couple of subliminals directed his way. He later tweeted and took credit for “inspiring”the Canadian rapper to bring that fire.

Given Budden’s current one-sided feud with Meek, perhaps there’s a “Part Two” coming sooner than later? Either way, Meek has already stated that he will not diss or respond to any records.

Nobody ain’t tryna come at that shermhead/crackhead Joe Buddens. This n*gga got the blogs to say I’m about to diss him [laugh emoji]. We running down on n*ggas off the internet….He’s infatuated with rappers lives. N*gga a podcaster now lol.

Maybe the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing will come into play here. Probably not.

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